Arch Technology is building bundles of properties around the world in order to tokenize it and bring liquidity to this extremely illiquid market. Through blockchain technology and existing tokenization networks or platforms, we are creating security tokens, which are essentially asset backed tokens, and in our case the asset is real estate.

Real estate is among the most trusted investment mechanisms for worldwide investors. We are even adding more trust and stability by diluting the risk across hundreds of properties across dozens of cities in the world. Before blockchain, the only way to bring liquidity to this illiquid assets was to convert it in debt (Mortgage backed securities), but now the technology allows for liquidity by simply tokenizing these assets and allowing us to offer this assets to thousands of investors through an STO (Security Token Offer), and consequently enabling the trading of such assets. These tokens are registered and regulated by the SEC and all governing agencies in the US and the STO involves KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) techniques due to the blockchain’s transparency and essentially, open ledgers. Middlemen and third party agencies are eliminated from the equation as the blockchain takes care of most of their functions, making markets manipulation a thing of the past.

Through the liquidity created on a real estate asset, many possibilities are created, not only for investors but also for property owners seeking liquidity. Many property owners rent the properties for profits while the asset value sits on the market, but now it will be possible to partially liquidate the asset while maintaining the monthly rent income. Because the tokenization allows for an asset to be divided into thousands of fractions, it is possible to liquidate any desired fraction of the value while keeping the home and/or continue renting it. The principle is straight forward, tokens represent a partial portion of the property, tokens are sold on an STO for the real tangible value of the asset that backs them, token holders will hold or trade such fraction of the asset, money raised in the STO is paid to the homeowner, the homeowner rents the home and monthly rent dividends are paid to token holders through automatic and decentralized smart contracts built into the token. Because token holders do not incur in management and involvement on renting the property, they get paid minimal portions of the monthly income, while homeowners keep the majority. Token holders gains are in the extreme stability of the asset, the natural upgrowth potential of all real estate assets and monthly paid rent dividends.

If you are a property owner seeking partial liquidation of your asset while keeping your home, please enlist your property here.


If your house or apartment meets all the requirements below, you may fill in the questionnaire for a potential partial liquidation of your real estate. We will evaluate all the submissions and choose the ones that comply with our requirements.


  • Located in one of the countries and cities provided in selections

  • Have a clean title

  • Not have a mortgage (no debt)

  • Not be abandoned or decayed

  • Not have any kind of structural damage (we will find out)

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