Though blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been a “no no” for many companies, it does offers many solutions. The ICO bubble we recently experienced that was full of scams finally burst and many plunged even deeper than ICO prices. This is why a lot of skepticism started growing in the industry. But ICOs apart, Blockchain technology offers unprecedented solutions for many problems that traditional platforms experience today, such as security or safety solutions, server solutions, authentic reviews among others.

While Arch app could use many of these solutions to operate on it’s shared economy platform, the company will launch their firs version as a traditional normal platform. This is because the company does not seek to scare traditional users away with this entirely new and skeptical world. But, Arch’s Engineers did continue developing and coding in the blockchain space, and in fact have been actively developing solutions for months. Yes, the company has also already created their own digital currency and smart contracts, but an ICO is not in their near future plans. The app will launch as a traditional app, but don’t be fooled, Arch is always a step ahead of the game in this technology and others, such as IoT and AI. Incorporating our platform with platforms like Alexa, and AI for predicting the needs within the platform are also in the back burner.