While ARCH is a traditional app with traditional transactions, and will continue being so, we have a blockchain division that is currently developing new solutions with the imminent technology. Solutions orientated to safety and security for transactions and meet-ups of people for cash and check cashing features. Also solutions orientated to authentic and decentralized reviews and loyalty programs. Reviews are very important when developing trust in users, and unfortunately today these reviews in all the platforms we use can be tampered with, while blockchain offers a solution to this.

In the near future, and when the digital currency world stabilizes and the general public starts feeling less skeptical and start understanding it, ARCH will launch a parellel version of the app where transactions could be done with digital currencies, and either adopt a proven currency or create its own. This will allow better security and decentralization within the platform, and through smart contracts it will also facilitate renting transactions by making them decentralized. This will also contribute to our loyalty programs in order to compensate our item suppliers as they work their way up a loyalty program with rewards paid automatically through smart contracts.

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