Dallas Mavericks point guard JJ Barea, a top influencer in Puerto Rico, has accepted to join Arch’s powerful launch strategy. Because the platform is location based and based on perimeter sharing or sharing economy, a densely populated area is what it needs for a quick growth. A closed environment or small country provides the best possibilities too. So Arch has developed an aggressive and innovative launch strategy to commence in the closed environment of US territory Puerto Rico.

The island is only 100 miles wide and with a dense population of 3.5 million, which means it would be the perfect ground for quick growth and user acquisition, given the nature of the platform and it’s business model. JJ Barea is only one of many powerful influencers that will be joining forces in order to make Arch the perfect launch. Months after PR, Miami, LA, SF, NY & Dallas are on the US launch strategy. Eventually Asia, South america and Europe should follow.